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Popular Tags:  OneMedRadio interviews Jeff Margolis Aurora Capital OneMedForum India Market Opportunity Panel Management Interview: Frank D'Amelio, CEO of Ellman International diagnostic musculoskeletal neurology neuromuscular orthopedic injury pain range of motion sensor system sports injuries Private Company Presentation: Colby Pharmaceuticals Alan M. Garber, MD, PhD, professor medicine and director the center for health policy and center for primary care outcomes research Stanford University keynote address role medical technologies healthcare reform legislation InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit Washington, DC. healthcare technology, retirement age, Medicare eligibility, gross domestic product, GDP, quality of life, healthy aging, value of technology resources healthcare reform, cost-effectiveness analysis, CEA, comparative effectiveness research, CER, value of technology, and in vitro diagnostics Peter J. Neumann, ScD director of the center for the evaluation of value and risk in health at Tufts University, talks about healthcare reform cost-effectiveness analysis comparative effectiveness research InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit Washington, DC resources John V. Talley CEO EpiCept corporation OneMedForum New York 2010 OMFNY10 OMFNY2010 OMFNY
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