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Popular Tags:  Martyn W. C. Howgill executive director of the Institute for Health Technology Studies advanced healthcare technologies healthcare reform InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit Washington, DC value of technology innovation resources Peter J. Neumann, ScD, director center for the evaluation of value and risk in health Tufts University Stephen J. Northrup, principal Podesta Group trends comparative effectiveness research CER cost-effectiveness analysis CEA Robert J. Rubin healthcare policies reimbursement medical technologies Medicare 2010 InHealth Health Technology Summit Washington, DC resources Alan M. Garber, MD, PhD, professor medicine and director the center for health policy and center for primary care outcomes research Stanford University keynote address role medical technologies healthcare reform legislation InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit Washington, DC. healthcare technology, retirement age, Medicare eligibility, gross domestic product, GDP, quality of life, healthy aging, value of technology resources Management Interview: Stroma Medical OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Equalix OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Need It Now OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Neumedicines
More Tags:  Tomas J. Philipson, PhD, professor of public policy studies at the University of Chicago, shares his view on the issues of cost control and the government role in the healthcare sector at the InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit, held April 7, in Washington, DC. OMFSF15 Private Presentation: NeuroTronik OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Savant OMFSF15 Private Presentation: TheraKine OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Foundation Healthcare OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Profound Medical OMFSF15 Private Presentation: GeneCentric Diagnostics OMFSF15 Private Presentation: Neptune

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